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Supporting Other's Hard Work


Give support and on-air coverage to fund-raising campaigns, raising awareness, major sponsored activities.


The Lighthouse NetCast is committed to supporting the tireless hard work of individuals, organisations and charities that provide opportunites, resources, funding, aid, education and help in any form to those around the world who need it the most; doing their part to make our world a better, fairer and safer place for all.

Some of the people we'd like to help...

A platform to support others

The Lighthouse NetCast is a Christian organisation and, as Chrsitians ourselves, it is our responsibility to help those who, for whatever reason, are in a position of need, vulnerability, poverty, danger or oppression. Of course, there are many organisations far more qualified and experienced than us to provide this help. What we can provide is a platform for these organisations to further spread awareness or their cause and beliefs and to help raise the vital funds they need to continue with their invaluable work.


From small charities that focus on specific communities to large charities that help to tackle global disasters and illnesses, we are committed to using our internet radio platform and our online presence to help wherever we can.


Compassion, The Foundation for Relief and Roconcilliation in the Midde East, Macmillan, David Livingstone International and Christian Aid are just five varied examples of who we would like to support. You can read more about any of these organisations by clicking on the pictures on this page. Please do take a few moments to read more about their work and consider how you may be able to support them.


As well as running short on-air campaigns, interviewing the members of these various organisations, talking to those who have been supported by them and celebrating what they have achieved through their work, we will occassionally focus on one chosen charity for a sustained campaign. We have some exciting ideas on how to do this and look forward to sharing them with you in the near future. 


If you know of a charity or organisation that you think could use our help, please email us their details. The five organisations listed on this page do not make up an exhaustive list of who we will support! They're just a starting point. 


Hebrews, verse 13, chapter 16:

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. (NIV)



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