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Meet the on-air team so far for 2017. A fine looking bunch of characters!


Would you like to join us in the future? Scroll down...

James Allard - UK

James is our Head Presenter and also co-founder of the Lighthouse NetCast. 


Starting soon, James will be with you from Monday to Friday midday to 6pm, checking out new music to the Lighthouse NetCast, checking in with some of our favourite Christian bands and checking your day is going well!

The weekday daytime show is a chance to interact with the station and an opportunity for us all to get to know each other a little better. With listeners in so many different countries around the world, this will be fun! 

You can also check in with James on Saturday nights from 8pm to midnight for the Saturday Rock Show, and listen out for news of our upcoming live Sunday shows with studio guests discussing and debating what being a Christian is all about.

Scott Weatherhead - Barbados

Scott is your Evening Show host from Monday to Friday, 6 to 10pm UK time. You'll also catch him on Saturday evenings from 4pm to 8pm.


Scott knows good music when he hears it! And the brand new evening show is all about supercharging the playlist to get your evening off to a great start.

Not a lot of people associate Christian music with heavy dance beats and hardcore remixes. Not a lot of people have heard songs sung in church remixed and reproduced for the club scene. But that's all about to change! Starting very soon, Scott's going to change the way you think of Christian music - and the way you think of your evenings! 

Get ready for four hours of bopping around your room every week night and Saturday evenings!

Annie Weatherhead - Barbados

Annie looks after you six nights a week with Lighthouse Love - three hours of the world's greatest love songs - from 10pm to 1am UK time. (We thought we'd give her Saturday nights off so we could heavy things up a bit with the Saturday Rock Show!)

Helping you to settle down after Scott's evening show, Lighthouse Love mixes everything from gooey soppy love to agape love (look it up!). It's a chance for a bit of "me time". Even if you’re listening in a different part of the world and you get Lighthouse Love in the middle of the afternoon, join Annie for the chance to simply chill out and relax with three hours of the world’s greatest love songs.

One other thing... we all love a good love story! Has somebody filled your life with the sort of love we all dream about? Would you like to thank somebody special  for becoming the special part of your life? Why not email Annie and share your story with us all?

Ashley sees you through into the night with great company and a superb variety of Christian and everyday pop and rock music. So if the nightshift is your thing, or you live in Australia, check Ashley out between 1am and 5am, UK time.

What thoughts creep into your mind during the early hours of the morning? Complicated and challenging revelations? Or just that you shouldn't have had that evening coffee? Anyone who has experienced being awake when everyone else is asleep will tell you that your mind starts to work in mysterious ways. If that's you, you'll find Ashley to be great company.

Ashley lives round the corner from our studio in the UK with his wife Liz. In common with some other Lighthouse NetCast presenters, Ashley is a keen musician and plays guitar in his Church's Worship Group on a Sunday morning. Ashley also runs a consulting business specialising in communications and fundraising, and has been invaluable in helping form ideas for the Lighthouse NetCast.

Ashley Scott - UK

We're looking to grow out team of Christian presenters from around the world! Would you like to be part of our on-air team? If you have an active Christian faith, are confident in front of a microphone, have a strong voice and can handle a bit of technology, you could be just what we need.

Lighthouse NetCast presenters are Christians and reflect their faith through their personality on-air. It doesn't mean preaching every time we open our mouths - far from it - but just naturally and comfortably communicating with our audience on a personable basis, talking about everything form the weather, to the traffic, to the price of bread the latest movie we watched, which just might have been a Christian film. Read more...

Would you like to join us?
Alexandra Marusheva - Russia

Alexandra is the newest member of our team and we are blessed to have her on board! After listening to the Lighthouse NetCast at work in Moscow, Alexandra emailed the station and just a few weeks later, came to meet us in the UK! Very keen to be part of the station and with excellent English, we needed to find out more!

Very few of us became Christians overnight; it can be a long journey that starts with a small step in the right direction and continues with faith, one step at a time. Alexandra is on that journey and we asked her to share her experiences with you along the way.

Also, being young and very cool, she has an excellent taste in music and brings some extra style to your weekday mornings from 8am to midday, UK time. And she loves to receive emails! Email Alexandra and say "hi!"

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