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Our Funding


Currently self-funded, the Lighthouse NetCast
has plans to expand following our
Easter Showcase Broadcast in 2015.


Any organisation has costs and overheads and as we expand our operation, so do our outgoings! We won't allow a single penny of our charitable fund-raising to go to anything other than that charity or organisation. Our income will need to be from advertising revenue and direct donations to support us.

Below is a very basic flow chart illustrating how we will operate financially following our full launch. 

LHNC = Lighthouse NetCast

Of course, the flow chart above is currently an aspiration. There are many steps to be taken before we expect to be receiving sufficient income and donations to put the above plan fully into action. Nevertheless, we are committed to this financial plan and will ensure every penny of the Charitable Donations we receive go to the intended recipient. Any excess operational income will be diverted to the Charitable Giving side of the operation, striving to boost your donations as much as possible.

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