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Meet the team from our Easter Showcase Broadcast 2015. A fine looking bunch of characters!


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James Allard - UK

James is our Head Presenter and also co-founder of the Lighthouse NetCast. 


You can hear James on-air Monday to Friday from 8am-2pm and also on the Saturday Rock Show from 8pm to midnight (all UK time).

James has presented on a number of UK-based commercial radio stations since 2003. He currently lives in Wiltshire and is a member of a local Baptist Church where he was baptized and, more recently, married! James is also a keen musician with orchestral percussion and the drums as his main instruments, which he plays in the church Worship Group. And he LOVES Christian rock music!

Scott Weatherhead - Barbados

Scott is your Evening Show host from Monday to Friday, 6 to 10pm UK time. You'll also catch him on Saturday nights from 6-8pm.


Listen out for Scott's signature playlist crank-up - great to keep the energy levels up at the end of the day!

Scott is the owner of massively successful commercial radio station in Barbados that prides itself in bringing the best music from around the world to the eastern Caribbean. He is also an active member of his church and - like James - a keen drummer! Scott lives with his wife, Annie - who also happens to be one of our talented presenters!

Annie Weatherhead - Barbados

Annie looks after you six nights a week with Lighthouse Love - three hours of the world's greatest love songs - from 10pm to 1am UK time. (We thought we'd give her Saturday nights off so we could heavy things up a bit with the Saturday Rock Show!)

Annie's been more used to early mornings for the last few years, hosting the Morning Show on Scott's station in Barbados, where she wakes up thousands of Bajans every morning and is a firm favourite with commuters and school run drivers and their kids. She attends the same church as Scott and is a huge fan of Christian music. 

Steve Carrigan - UK

Steve is your Afternoon Show host from Worcestershire in the UK. Steve loves meeting different people and you'll hear some of them joining him as guests in the studio; everyone from rowdy teenagers from the local Boys Brigade to new talent from the Christian music scene.

Steve lives in Worcestershire with his wife Emma and son Addy. Steve is a talented musician and runs his own local music school as well as examining music students (but he's not too scary, honest!).

Ashley sees you through into the night with great company and a superb variety of Christian and everyday pop and rock music. So if the nightshift is your thing, or you live in Australia, check Ashley out between 1am and 3am, UK time.

Ashley lives round the corner from our studio in the UK with his wife Liz. In common with some other Lighthouse NetCast presenters, Ashley is a keen musician and plays guitar in his Church's Worship Group on a Sunday morning. Ashley also runs a consulting business specialising in communications and fundraising, and has been invlauable in helping form ideas for the Lighthouse NetCast.

Ashley Scott - UK

Ronnie is a broadcast veteran and brings us 'Off the Bench' on Saturday afteroons between 2pm and 3pm, UK time. How do Christians translate their faith onto the sports field or the court? Is it possible to be a true Christian and be competitive? Oh, yes!

Ronnie runs his own production company based in Cambridgeshire, UK. He's worked in broadcasting for many years and spent time on-air with a national British broadcaster. Being a keen sportsman and Christian, Ronnie's show 'Off the Bench' makes for a great hour on a Saturday afternoon.

Ronnie Barbour - UK

Joanna, orginally form the USA, now lives in Devizes, Wiltshire, UK - but she still has her accent! Join Joanna each weekday morning bright and early between 6am and 8am UK time for Early Breakfast and she'll keep you posted with what's happening on the station throughout the day.

Joanna lives with her young son Tristan about as close to the Devizes studio as possible (you could throw a paper aeroplane with accuracy!). A strong Christian and loving mother; Joanna is an active member of Sheep Street Baptist Church, where the Lighthouse NetCast is centrally based.

Joanna Carter - USA
Heather Skull - UK

Heather, along with her colleague
Alf Hall, brings us the Easter Big Sing, recorded at Zion Baptist Church in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK. We invite you to experience a traditional Easter Service in a lovely Baptist church in the south of England. And please do sing along!

Heather is a broadcasting professional and has worked extensively for a national broadcaster in the UK. She lives in Trowbridge and is a very active member of Zion Baptist Church. 

We're looking to grow out team of Christian presenters from around the world! Would you like to be part of our on-air team? If you have an active Christian faith, are confident in front of a microphone, have a strong voice and can handle a bit of technology, you could be just what we need.

Lighthouse NetCast presenters are Christians and reflect their faith through their personality on-air. It doesn't mean preaching every time we open our mouths - far from it - but just naturally and comfortably communicating with our audience on a personable basis, talking about everything form the weather, to the traffic, to the price of bread the latest movie we watched, which just might have been a Christian film. Read more...

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