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Welcome to

The Lighthouse NetCast!

What's it all about?


It’s early days, but we’re building something special!

A new internet radio station is coming that aims to bridge the perceived gap between believing in God and being sound of mind! 


Let's say you want to listen to the radio but you find the usual mix of commercial radio pop music, competitions, inappropriate advertising, humour that you wouldn't want to explain to your kids... well, all a bit shallow. There are Christian stations you could turn to to avoid all of that but perhaps you find them a bit heavy or maybe the kids get bored?

The Lighthouse NetCast bridges that divide giving you all of the feel-good factor that most commercial radio aims to provide, but without being afraid of mentioning God without preceeding it with "Oh my...!"


You'll hear some of the same pop and rock music you hear on mainstream commercial radio and you'll also hear some of the latest and best Christian pop and rock from the last couple of decades.


When we do plan on talking about something that might be regarded as heavy, we'll give you plenty of warning! Hopefully you'll want to hear what it's all about but if it's not your thing, you can choose to give that part of the show a miss.


As Christians, we try to live Godly lives without preaching every time we open our mouths! Hopefully, we sincerely portay what being a follower of Jesus means through our actions and our words. We hope you'll value that integrity of character and choose to share our company by clicking on the Listen Live link at the op of the page.



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