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Some sad news...

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to give you any updates here at Lighthouse NetCast. But we hope you have at least been enjoying Today’s Positive Mix online.

Regretfully, I have to announce that our live stream broadcast will be closing at the end of the year.

The vision for the station, originally founded in 2014, has always been unique. There are many commercial radio stations around the world playing a variety of music, and there are many Christian stations, exclusively playing Christian songs and songs by Christian artists. Many Christians will only listen to Christian stations; many non-Christians would never dream of listening to a Christian station. Unfortunately, radio stations are too often judged by their format, just as books are judged by their covers.

Lighthouse NetCast established and promoted a new format that wasn’t bound by the conventional sort of labelling that divides people one way or the other. It has offered a format based around the positive nature of the music of Christian artists, that is loved around the world by Christians and non-Christians alike. The station has also celebrated a huge amount of music by non-Christian artists that have promoted a message of positivity, hope and love. Just last spring, the station’s strapline became “Today’s Positive Mix” to reflect the wonderful music output on the station. Thousands of listeners in countries around the world have been listening in recent months.

We intended to gradually build a line-up of presenters on the station who would be able to bring the personal touch to our output. Indeed, several times we have introduced new presenters on the station but have been unable to secure any longevity in this area, largely due to the huge commitment required of the individual. Every presenter you have heard on the station since 2014 have given their valuable time freely. Of course, they have all had jobs, families and other commitments of their own.

The long-term plan of the station was to secure sustainable funding for our live stream output. While we have received some generous monetary gifts from some who have wanted to encourage the vision, we have been unable to secure funding for the next phase of development. The decision has been made that it is unfair to expect talented presenters to commit so much time to a project that is unable to compensate them for their professional efforts.

Personally, I would like to convey what a difficult decision this has been to make. An immeasurable number of hours have been spent on developing Lighthouse NetCast over the last five years. There have been enormous hurdles to overcome just to keep the live stream broadcasting. While the station has received some wonderful praise and compliments, it has also been criticized by some who haven’t fully understood its vision. Sadly, these were often the people that we really needed to support us.

However, over the years we have been blessed with a wonderful audience, some of whom I will never know. Others have contacted the station, I have replied and we have gone on to become what I hope to be lifelong friends. Thank you all so much for supporting the station in the various ways you have. Even just by listening, you have made the last five years possible.

From both Lighthouse NetCast and me personally, thank you for being a part of the station. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

With every blessing for the future…

N.B. We will be having one final Christmas on the station! Expect all of your favourite Christmas songs playing non-stop from Christmas Eve. And as it’s our final year, we’re going to leave them to play out right until we close down on 31 December. Enjoy one last Christmas with us!

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